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Smile makeovers

A smile makeover can transform your smile and your feelings about your teeth. It may be replacement of some old discoloured crowns, straightening of crowded teeth, to get whiter teeth or replace missing teeth. Your requests and ideas will guide us to transform your smile. That is why we are passionate about creating smiles.

Smile makeover treatment always has an initial consultation where you and your dentist will discuss your particular needs and requests. A series of photographs, necessary radiographs and impressions for study models are taken in order to plan any treatment. You would then see your dentist at a second appointment when a treatment plan is presented and discussed with you. At this appointment an estimate for treatment cost is given.

Once a treatment plan is approved and consented we can start with treatment.

Our smile makeover consultation starts from £75.

If you are interested please contact our reception and request a smile makeover consultation.

Please view our gallery to see some examples of the work we have carried out >>